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Project Description

Longbox is a web application for tracking weekly comic book releases. It’s not a tool for tracking what’s in your collection, nor is it a comic book reader or a comic book marketplace. Using data from Marvel and Comic Vine, it shows which issues are hitting store shelves in a given week. By loading up Longbox and maintaining a list of the series you care about, you can easily filter this long list of weekly releases down to just the ones you want to read.

I built Longbox over the course of two months in early 2016 as a part of my master’s thesis. The application’s model layer is a simple database running on Firebase, with the controller layer written in AngularJS and the view layer written using a combination of Angular Foundation, SASS, and HTML. The code for the application is completely open source, so anyone can build and maintain their own Longbox. You can learn more about the process from my thesis documentation.

Project Details

Date May 28, 2016
Skills UX/UI Design, Web Development (AngularJS, Firebase, Foundation)
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Adaptable to Any Device

Longbox is built to resize itself to work at any resolution. Custom-built CSS allows it to be saved to the home screen on any iOS device and shift its UI, providing a more streamlined, platform-appropriate experience.

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Mobile Interface Design Process


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