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Longbox Logo Design

Project Description

I wanted to create a strong brand identity for the web application I’m building for tracking weekly comic releases. This application is based off of a previous design of mine for an iOS app. Considering the purpose of the application, I wanted to come up with a simple, clean logo that invoked the collecting process without straying into clich├ęd comic book metaphors, such as speech bubbles or action text.

Project Details

Date March 15, 2016
Skills Logo Design, Icon Design


Digital Roughs

Researching and Iterating

After sketching some ideas and doing some research, I settled on a few possible designs for the logo to refine into digital rough drafts. These designs either invoked the act of reading and collecting comics or hearkened back to the classic era of comic publishing logos. In the end, I went with iteration number 1, and tried out a few colors before deciding on a dark background with light text. I then took this design and worked it into an application icon and a basic web design mockup (seen below) to see how well it would fit. You can see a full PDF of these roughs here.

Final Designs

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