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Longbox iOS App Design

Project Description

I’ve had an iOS app project for tracking comics on the back burner for a while now, hoping to one day find a proper API for gathering data on weekly comic book releases. Release schedules in the comic industry can be difficult to keep track of, due to the difficulties that can arise during the creative process. As such, I wanted to build an application for tracking what comics I wanted to buy on any given week. I also thought that the application could eventually be expanded into an issue manager as well, helping the user track which comics are missing from their collection. This is the mockup for that application.

Project Details

Date November 20, 2015
Skills Design, User Experience

Sketch Iterations


The Importance of Flow

When designing an interface for the Longbox iOS app, I wanted to make sure the experience was as simple and easy to navigate as possible. Many similar apps and services working in this space try to do too much, and are overly complex as a result. You can view a full PDF of the wireframe here.

Final Designs

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