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Elon Interactive Media Department Website

Project Description

During spring of 2016, I worked in Elon University’s public relations department, updating the department website for the Interactive Media program. I started the process by taking stock of the current site, discussing with shareholders what needed to stay and what should be added/replaced, and doing some card sorting user tests to determine the best layout for the new site’s navigation.

Updating the site involved transferring content from an old in-house content management system to a newer one that better supported responsive pages. After familiarizing myself with both systems, I began moving content, wireframing new page layout designs along the way. After page designs were completed, I implemented them in the new CMS system by building templates using the shelves grid system.

Since I was building this site for a program in interactive media, I wanted to make the home page feel more alive, even compared to the rest of the university’s sites. To do this, I implemented a subtle, but effective parallax effect on the home page’s banner. This allowed the site to stand out while keeping in line with the greater organization’s design guidelines.

Project Details

Client Elon University
Date June 7, 2016
Skills Web Development & Design
View Elon Interactive Media


Final Designs

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